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Where are We?

Doohamlet is a village situated in the very centre of Co Monaghan. It is located on the regional road R183 between Castleblayney and Ballybay. It forms the southern tip of the Parish of Clontibret. The district consists of the village and approximately 30 townlands.

Within the district of Doohamlet there are approximately 325 households, with around 1,000 people living in the area.

Where are we..? Google will point the way..!

The irish translations of our townland names give a great sense of our local heritage; 

Townland Name Irish Name Meaning
Brackagh Brocach A Badger Warren
Clare Oghill Clar Eocaill Plain of the Yew Wood
Clonaneor Cluain an Oir Lawn of the Gold
Coolmannon Cul Manain Mannins Back(of a hill)
Corderryduff Cor a Doire Dubh Hill of the Derry or Oak Wood(Black)
Corderrybane Cor a Doire Ban Hill of the Derry(White)
Cordevlis Cor a Duibhlis Hill of the Black Fort
Corlagan-South Cor Lagain Hill of the Hollow
Corlealackagh Cor Liath Leacach Grey Hill of the Flags
Corleanamaddy Cor Liath naMadadh Grey Hill of the Dogs
Cornamuckla Corn a Mucladh Hill of the Piggeries
Corrakeen Corra Caoin Beautiful Weir
Corrinshigo Cor Fuinseaga Hill of the Ash
Corryloan Corr Ui Luain O Loan’s(or Lambs) Hill
Crinkill Crioc Coill Withered Wood
Dernaglug Doire na G-clog Oak Wood of the Bells
Derryisland Doire Eibhlin Evlin’s Derry(or Oak Wood)
Devlin Duibhlin Black Pool
Doohamlet Dubh-Thamalacht Black Plague Grave
Garradevlin Gardha Dobailean Devlin’s Garden
Grig Creid A Rock
Killycrum Coille Croim Stopped Wood
Modeese Maga Dise Plain of the Two
Muldrumman Mullac Dromain Summit of the Ridges
Oghill Eocaill Yew Wood
Rausker Ramhscair Unknown
Rossollus Ros Solais Wood of the Light
Tattyreagh(South) Taite Riach Swarthy Tate
Tonyglassan Tonnaidh Glasain Glassan’s Mound
Tonyscallan Tonnaidh Scallain Scallan’s Mound
Toome Tuam A Mound

Note: In the townland of Doohamlet there are the 3 estates with Irish names:
Cois Locha-meaning near to/beside the Lake.
Cois Cill-meaning near to/beside the Church.
Cois Carraig-meaning near to/beside the Rock.

A quick glance at the placenames reveals that about one third of them begin with ‘Cor’ – ‘A Hill’ which reflects the impact of the physical landscape in determining placenames. Only part of Corlealackagh is regarded as belonging to Doohamlet.


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